One-Eyed Jack (The board game)

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The object of the game is to build rows of five chips on the game board.

You can place a chip on an unoccupied field on the game board, if you have the same card on you hand.

Once you place a chip, the card from your hand is discarded, and you receive a new card from the deck. When the deck is empty, you play until no players can place any chips.

A five-row is allowed to have one common chip with another five-row.

The winner of the game, is the first player to get 2 rows of 5 chips. If there are no cards left in the deck, and no player has 2 rows, the winner is the one with most rows. If no player has more rows than the other players, the game counts rows of four chips and then three chips. If no player has more rows than the others players after the recounts, the game is a tie. Rows are always checked and locked from the top left corner of the gameboard.

The jacks has a special purpose in the game.

  The two-eyed jacks are wild, and you can place a chip on any unoccupied field on the game board.

  The one-eyed jacks can remove an opponents chip from the game board. Tokens, that are locked in a five-row, can not be removed.

There are 4 jokers at the corners of the gameboard. These fields has a prismatic chip on them. The prismatic chips may be used by all players, and count as a chip in a five-row.

When you start a new game, you can change the rule set used with the buttons "Classic", "My rules" and "Kids".

Classic : Classic One-Eyed Jack rules.
My rules: Here you can set up the rules, as you like to play.
Kids : Rule set for kids with a faster and easier gameplay.

In "My rules" you can change the following settings:

Board layoutSelect a different layout of the cards on the gameboard.
Jokers in deckThe jokers are played as normal cards, and no chips are placed on them from the start of the game.
Discard dead cardsPlayers can discard cards from their hands, that can not be played, because the fields on the gameboard are occupied. Cards can only be discarded, as long as there are cards in the deck.
Number of rows to win Select the number of five-rows to win the game.
Chips to form a row The number of chips it takes form a row
Player hand cards The number of cards in each player hand

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This game, played in parts of in the Eastern USA (North Carolina, Tennessee, and perhaps other places), is known by various names including Jack Foolery, Jack Off and perhaps others. It is played with cards, poker chips and a board which is home made from a second deck of cards which are cut in half and glued to a base to make a 10x10 board. A commercial version of the game was published by Jax in 1982 under the name Sequence. The object is to form rows of five poker chips on the board, by placing chips on the board spaces that correspond to cards played from your hand.